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Bibliopunk is a subgenre of punk which revolves around books, libraries and reading. It tends to value freedom of information and equality in learning and the rest of life. Overall, it is fairly similar to Dark Academia, but with a more Punk approach to life.


There is no set ‘dress code’ for bibliopunk, as a high emphasis is placed on individual expression and freedom. However, things such as:

  • combat or riding boots
  • dyed hair
  • unconventional haircuts

are almost always seen in bibliopunk. DIY fashion (among other things) is also encouraged and welcomed.

Punk Academia

Punk academia is virtually indistinguishable from bibliopunk, with similar values and fashion. It is calling out your professor when they mess up, leather jackets in the classroom/lecture hall, loaning chaotically arranged notes to anyone who asks.

Both punk academia and bibliopunk are better defined as punk people branching out into academics than academics branching into punk. This is primarily due to the fact that punk is a thriving subculture of its own, rather than just a simple clothing style or one-dimensional aesthetic. Any balance of punk/academia is welcome, however, but some punks have criticized the title of 'punk academia' due to punk's history, arguably more intense than most other aesthetics, and almost definitely more publicly recognizable than many subcultures.

Because both punk academia and bibliopunk have strong and clear ties to the original punk movement (seen in zine production and punk scholars) there is a generally left-leaning philosophy connected to it. Hate of any kind, such as racism, classism, homophobia, or sexism, is not welcomed by the small and loose-knit punk academia and bibliopunk community.

Bibliopunk in fictions


Television series

- Kamen Rider Saber


- Black Clover


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