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Sensitive Content Notice ⚠️
The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This aesthetic discusses terrorism, violence, drugs, and gore.

Balkan Violence Tumblr is a theme many tumblr users used for their aesthetic blogs. In this aesthetic community, people had blogs where they posted and reblogged photos of paramilitary groups from Russia and the Balkans, Russian Orthodox Christian iconography, gore, drugs, weapon collections, and bondage photos. Many blogs can also include and intersect with photos of the Irish independence movement, WWI and WWII, Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, and white trash aesthetics.

This internet aesthetic later declined because of the tumblr purge of late 2018. Because of the aforementioned NSFW elements, many of these blogs were deleted, had their photos removed, and many people left this aspect of social media altogether because of a lack of aesthetic blog-oriented platforms free from bans on violent subjects. However, some aesthetic blogs still remain on tumblr, albeit with less gore and sex than before the purge.