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This is a sensitive topic and the controversy is discussed in depth at the bottom of the article. Many would argue that buying into this aesthetic and subculture is not far from a romanticization of pedophilia. Please research the implications of this style thoroughly before making the decision to involve yourself in it. If this makes you incredibly uncomfortable but you do like the look, you can still be a part of the Babygirl community and frown upon people in the community who do romanticize pedophilia.

It's still necessary to acknowledge even harmful influences on modern visual culture, but we at the Aesthetics Wiki DO NOT condone the romanticization of pedophilia. Continue at your own risk.

Babygirl is an aesthetic taken from the BDSM subgenre of the same name. Babygirl encompasses sweet and innocent imagery and attitudes that give the wearer an overall childlike feel. The Babygirl aesthetic can vary from Babycore to Baddie to E-Girl or Pastel Goth. Often this can cross over with bratty attitudes and behavior; this means the sweet and submissive nature can morph into teasing, pouting, tantrums, entitlement, and a compulsion to challenge others.



This is a more commonly seen type of Babygirl, they tend to be much more submissive and tend to be clingy sometimes. The Babycore attitude of Babygirls consists of submissive, sweet, and needy.


The "Babycore" side of the Babygirl aesthetic tends to wear flirtier, pastel clothing, and childlike clothing. Some staples are:

  • Lacy socks/lingerie
  • Barrettes
  • Miniskirts
  • Shorts/co-ords
  • Mary Janes/sneakers

and much more.


Unlike the "Babycore" side of the Babygirl, this aesthetic is less babycore and more of a softgirl/baddie mix. This means it's less cutesy and more chic. Baddie Babygirls may be more bratty, but still submissive at heart.


Similar to baddie fashion but with more light girly colors.

  • Uniform skirts
  • Tights
  • White Air Forces
  • Graphic T's
  • Mini skirts
  • Hair Clips
  • Cutesy accessories


This the Babygirl style that tends to prefer darker colors than the typical Babygirl would enjoy. Often darker imagery is associated with this side as well, like weaponry, chains, and cute devil-esque figures. They may act like brats like the Baddie side would yet can still be sweet and submissive. This can encompass everything previously stated about Babygirls, just with darker colors and themes, although pinks and light colors are still used. This can be similar in style to E-Girl, Pastel Goth, or Kinderwhore.


  • Dark Sweaters
  • Dark miniskirts/skater skirts
  • Thigh high socks
  • Fishnets
  • Chunky heels or Mary Janes
  • White sneakers
  • Chokers
  • Chains



  • Melanie Martinez


songs that turn girls into materialistic babygirls💋 by Maria San Juan

babygirl by lottie <3

daddy issues/ddlg by Lari 🐱‍🐉


This aesthetic is often criticized for it's romanization of pedophilia due it's origins in DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl), a BDSM subgenre that allows submissive partners to take on an innocent, childlike roll which the dominant acts as a caretaker. This role-play dynamic is not uncommon and quite popular among some internet subcultures. The titles/terms are even used in relationships outside if the genre, as they originated sometime in the 1950's as pet names for couples. However, a large population believes that this aesthetic goes too far by sexualizing innocence, father-daughter relationships, and behavior common in children. This can create a dangerous scenario similar to that of the Nymphet aesthetic, wherein underage girls may perpetuate this sexualization and/or become victims of it. Often times, this community is lumped in with "MAPs" (minor-attracted persons aka pedophiles) and is often demanded by users on social media sites like Tumblr to not view their individual content. The existence of this aesthetic in tandem with DDLG can increase the predation and acceptance of predation on young girls, which can only be stopped by the intelligent, careful, and watchful eyes of the community.

The vast majority of babygirls and members of the community are aware of the connotations associated with it and are the first to speak against its links. The DDLG community itself outright denounces all pedophilic notions and associations, and is swift to reject and condemn those who partake in such atrocities. The community prides itself in maintaining the standard of consensual, legal roleplay between sane adults in a safe environment. The purpose behind the DDLG community is described as "...exploring and enjoying the headspace of a younger person. It’s about experiencing the world through new eyes and enjoying a relationship in a different way" and doesn't always include sex. There are some who "use it to reclaim childhood abuse or neglect and get to experience the "ideal" childhood they missed out on in a safe environment with people they can trust." Some say it can be freeing to allow another person take care of you as if you are younger, it can allow someone to express themselves in their own true way, and can strengthen a loving relationship with their partner through a trusted power exchange.

Many may use the aesthetic for visuals' and fashions' sake alone, choosing to reject the sexual notions of DDLG, as the other aspects of the aesthetic are enough to draw attention and attraction. It is valid to enjoy the visuals, cute fashions, and personalities of this aesthetic without fully engaging with the extended community. If you choose to adopt this aesthetic, it is imperative to understand the connotations and perceptions that come with it. If you still like the style but do not want to be involved due to the controversy, alternatives to this aesthetic include Babycore, Baddie, E-Girl, Lil Girl, Pastel Goth, Sanriocore, or Softie. Be safe, aware, and smart.

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