Babygirl is a sub-category of BDSM, this term is commonly associated with women who are submissive and may or may not participate in age play during sexual intercourse or sexual activities. However, the Babygirl aesthetic can vary from Babycore to Baddie.

The "Babycore" Side

This is more commonly seen type of Babygirl, they tend to be much more submissive and tend to be clingy sometimes. Most people who adopt this aesthetic participate in age play (form of roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age, either younger or older).


The "Babycore" Side of the Babygirl aesthetic tend to wear sexier, pastel clothing and childlike clothing. Some staples are:

  • Lolita dresses
  • lacy socks/lingerie
  • barrettes
  • minni or microskirts
  • shorts/coords
  • mary janes/sneakers

and much more.

The "Baddie" Side

Unlike the "Babycore" side of the Babygirl aesthetic, Is less babycore and more of a softgirl baddie mix. This means it's less kawii and more hipp. Girls like this are more innocent but still have that bad B mindset. Similar to baddie fashion but with more pinks and periwinkle

-Uniform skirts -Tights - White Air Forces - Graphic T's - minnie skirts -Clips - Cutesy accessories

The "Daddy Dom"

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Under Construction

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