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Artificial Nature is an aesthetic surrounding the theme of man-made creations mimicking, recreating, or replacing aspects of nature.


  • Emotion: Cold, distant, surreal, creative, assistive, merciful, imaginative, orderly, envious, symbiotic, insignificant, delicate, aweful, dreamy, innovative, surgical
  • Values: The betterment of the natural world by any artificial means, as well as the continued advancement and rehabilitation of the world.
  • Experience: No discussions concerning experiences.
  • Gender: Agender. Does not contain any hyper-expressions of any typical gender.
  • Sexuality: Asexual. Carries theme of "reproduction", "new life", "renewed life", and "artificial life", if that counts as sexual.
  • Social Issues/Politics: No discussions concerning human lives.
  • Environment: Tries to utilized technology in a way that blends in with nature as a whole, as well as using it to heal. Also used to bring imagery of nature without harming nature, anymore.
  • Relationship with Reality: No discussions concerning its relationship with reality.
  • Cynicism vs. Idealism: Both. Acknowledges that technology harms the environment, and tries to make up for it using artificial creations as replacements. Uses nature to enhance creatures that need assistance.


The visuals of Artificial Nature, unsurprisingly, deals with interpretations of nature through non-natural means. Either incorporations of science in nature (bioengineering, genetic engineering, etc), or the imitation/replacement of factors of nature with artificial creations. This is achieved through any form of artificial interaction with biological lifeforms (Cybernetics, synthetics, technology, mechanics, simulations, etc.)

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  • Kirby Planet Robobot