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Arabfunny is a meme aesthetic that was started in 2018 on the r/Arabfunny subreddit. It is based around poorly edited ironic memes that are meant to be an exaggerated parody of Arabic social media posts on places like Facebook and Whatsapp. Arabfunny memes are usually non-nonsensical and bizarre with a lot of fast-paced flashing images, gifs, memes, and text flying around with barely any pauses, with audio including loud music and sound effects to create a stimulus overload for the viewer. The Arabfunny aesthetic is similar to other meme aesthetics like the Surreal Memer and MLG aesthetic, but Arabfunny differentiates itself by being inspired by Arabic social media posts instead of being broader like with Surreal Memer.


Some characteristics/elements of Arabfunny include:

  • Arabic text
  • Download links
  • Clickbait red circles and arrows
  • Random viral videos and memes
  • Emojis and free smilies
  • Low quality jpeg compression
  • Nokia Arabic ringtone
  • Trollface, rage comics, and other old memes
  • Loud bass boosted music and sound effects
  • Random cartoon characters like Peter Griffin from Family Guy
  • Autotuned T-Pain baby crying sounds
  • Loud blaring sirens
  • Low quality obscure 3D animations