Animecore is an aesthetic revolving around the visual culture of Japanese anime and manga. Often glorifying Japanese animation styles prevalent in the 1990s through early 2000's as well as Hatsune Miku, Animecore tends to overlap with other aesthetic genres, like Vaporwave, Webcore, Cyberpunk, or Scenecore, due to Animecore's rise in reaction to "cringe culture" that is increasingly prevalent on the internet.

Frequent motifs are magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Tokyo Mew Mew, and other anime such as Lucky Star, Vocaloid, anime-related YouTube videos from 2007-2012, pastel manga edits, Touhou, gaudy Blingee-esque edits, and frequently stolen and edited art from the early 2000's that was often parallel to scene and emo culture. Ball-jointed dolls and anime figures are also popular. Sometimes distortion methods are used to lower image quality to replicate the look of many old web artifacts.


Animecore fashion is normally centered around either a particular anime or around the anime aesthetic in general. In theory, one could work anime cosplay into Animecore fashion, but no soul has been brave enough to attempt this, although the thought of somebody dressing up like Sailor Moon just to go down to their local McDonald's IS quite amusing.Kiss me baby one more time.

Animecore Fashion


Itasha is a subculture of car culture where people will decorate their cars themed after different anime, manga, and video game characters. Itasha can also extend to motorcycles (which is referred to as itansha), bicycles (which is referred to as itachari), aircraft, computer cases, bags (which is referred to as ita-bag), and consumable automotive products. The Itasha aesthetic has even extended to the world of motorsports (see below in the gallery).



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