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Animecore is an aesthetic revolving around the visual culture of Japanese anime and manga, glorifying the various Japanese animation and comic art styles that have existed through the decades as well as their popular series and characters. Animecore tends to overlap with other aesthetic genres, like Cartooncore, Vaporwave, Webcore, Cyberpunk or Scene, due to Animecore's rise in reaction to "cringe culture" that is increasingly prevalent on the internet.

Animecore is not anime on its own, but rather the images consumed outside the context of the stories anime is conveying. The aesthetic culture here is the Western fans of the Japanese genre, rather than the artistic environment within anime, which can encompass multiple aesthetics.


Commonly featured are edits and gifs of scenes from popular anime franchises or anime-style music videos, photography of merch collections and rooms, various memes that exist within the anime fandom (like Caramelldansen or Touhou), gaudy Blingee-esque edits, but also stolen and edited fanart that is often posted without neither credit nor permission, which is also common in other aesthetics. Ball-jointed dolls and anime figures are also popular. Sometimes, distortion methods are used to lower image quality to replicate the look of many old web artifacts.

The primary visual of Animecore is Moe characters, who evoke feelings of affection within viewers. They are always young girls with large eyes, colorful and distinctive hairstyles, and kawaii outfits such as school and maid uniforms.

Images of bedrooms cluttered with anime merchandise, such as posters, figurines, and banners show the simultaneously obsessive and cozy feelings that Animecore conveys.


Animecore fashion is normally centered around either a particular anime or around the anime aesthetic in general.

Here are some examples of Anime fashion, non-cosplay:

  • Anime graphic tops and bottoms
  • Sailor uniforms
  • Maid dresses
  • Pleated skirts
  • Layered tulle skirts
  • Loose leg warmers
  • Printed thigh highs
  • Stripe socks
  • Platform shoes
  • Plush animal ears
  • Colorful hairpins
  • Scrunchies with kawaii motifs
  • Kandi featuring anime themes
  • Itabags
  • Circle lens
  • Big eye makeup
  • Anime-style blush
  • Otherwise wearable anime merch (necklaces, badges, keychains, etc)




Itasha is a subculture of car culture, where people will decorate their cars that are themed after different anime, manga and video game characters. Itasha can also extend to motorcycles (which is referred to as itansha), bicycles (which is referred to as itachari), aircraft, computer cases, bags (which is referred to as itabag) and consumable automotive products. The Itasha aesthetic has even extended to the world of motorsports (see below in the gallery).

Magical Girls

Magical Girls revolves around the heroines of magical girl manga, anime, comics, and games, the primary focus of the aesthetic being the outfits, weapons, and transformation imagery.


Yandere is an anime offshoot of Lovecore, based on the anime character trope "Yandere." Yandere characters in anime are characterized as violent and unhealthily obsessive towards love interests. They are frequently described as lovesick or mentally ill.


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