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Anemoiacore is an aesthetic that revolves around the feeling of anemoia, or an extreme longing for a time/ event that never occurred. These feelings are often radiated or channeled by the visualization of certain images, hearing certain music, or smelling a certain scent. The emotions, however, tend to be very saddening, as the experiencer feels an overwhelming want to experience these childhood events. There can be negative or positive feelings of anemoia. The interesting aspect is that these events never occurred; often the visualizer attributes certain images to their past, as they may be similar in nature.


There are multiple explanations debriefing why humans feel such an extreme longing for a fictional time. The rise of media has sparked access to photos that may evoke certain feelings of anemoia. Videos titled "Strangely Familiar Photos", or "Oddly Familiar Images With (x) Music" are often the source of these feelings, as they somehow mimic the vibe or expression the visuals of the 2000's. The psychology explaining how our brain connects these photos to or own experience is simple. As children, we often catch glimpses of the world around us such as observing the passing world in the car, waiting for a parent, etc. Most experiencers participated in their childhood around the 2000's. These images also imitate certain scenarios we may or may not have experienced. (Locker rooms, walking in the grocery store, playing with toys.) The images are very potent in the sense of "leaking" with anemoia.

These experiences of life combined with certain effects or filters can trigger the feeling of anemoia, which serves as a bridge between us and these triggers. Our experiences in our childhood evoke similar feelings of "no responsibility" and "freedom" or "innocent in nature, oblivious to the world" to these photographs or sounds.

How To Experience

To experience anemoia, you must place yourself in a position you deem as "comfortable". We associate comfort and stress-relief to our past experienced events. Next, set mood lighting. A dark blue or red is preferable, but a simple dark/ dim room can work as well.

Finally, watch a video containing images or music you can associate with in an unfamiliar way. Watch videos with names similar to, "Strangely Familiar Images", "Nostalgiacore", "Dreamcore". You must relax.

Forewarning: you may experience an extreme longing for your childhood, or a simpler time of your life.


They use neon, saturated and earthy colors. To get the anemoia feeling they use old images from other times, decades, etc. These images could be possibly images that you think you have seen, but you haven't. Normally there aren't people in those images that makes you feel alone. These images could be old, abandoned and familiar places. Some people might feel scared or another feeling instead of anemoia, it's okay we're not all the same.


  • Clothes and hairstyles from the late 2000's
  • Bright and Sparkly Homemade jewelry
  • Fashion Trends Of The 2000's (Silly Bandz, Animal Print, Kid's Plastic Jewelry and Accessories)



Spotify playlists


  • Travel to abandoned places, especially in night
  • Sessions to feel anemoia
  • They play Petscop
  • Crafts (made jewelry, plasticine sculpture)