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Content Warning: This article contains imagery of creepy/disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Analog/Analogue Horror is a popular web subgenre of Found Footage, which incorporates old "analog" styled media such as TV Broadcasts, VHS Tapes, and EAS while including horror elements that evoke feelings of dread, fear, and uncanniness.


While visuals vary, the main visual of Analog Horror consists of old styled footage with glitchy, static effects.

A majority of TV Broadcast or commercial analogs usually contain a deep blue color palette or a blank background of any color. They also contain a schedule of shows that are going to be broadcasted and display the time, which usually take place between 12 AM - 5 AM.

Distorted, warped and blackened faces are another common reoccurring visual. These faces are often heavily shadowed and use the "sharpen" effect. The faces also display twisted, sinister and unnatural expressions and contain extremely detailed features.


  • The Mandela Catalouge
  • Local 58 TV
  • The Walten files
  • Gemini home entertainment
  • FNAF Analog horror series
  • Petscop
  • Omega mart
  • Catastrophe Crow