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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: Imagery of creepy/disturbing content, along with brief/light spoilers of various pieces of media in the gallery below.

The boiled one

The Boiled One Phenomenon

Analog Horror (or Analogue Horror) is the older counterpart of Digital Horror and a subgenre of Found Footage, which incorporates old "analog" styled media such as TV Broadcasts, VHS Tapes, and EAS while including horror elements that evoke feelings of dread, fear, and uncanniness.


Midwest Angelica

Midwest Angelica (Starfield)

While visuals vary, the main visual of Analog Horror consists of old styled footage with glitchy, static effects.

A majority of TV Broadcast or commercial analogs usually contain a deep blue color palette or a blank background of any color. They also contain a schedule of shows that are going to be broadcasted and display the time, which usually take place between 12 AM - 5 AM.

Distorted, warped and blackened faces are another common reoccurring visual. These faces are often heavily shadowed and use the "sharpen" effect. The faces also display twisted, sinister and unnatural expressions and contain extremely detailed features.

Space imagery also appears in many Analog Horror videos, often in a sinister light, such as the planets and moon in Gemini Home Entertainment and Local 58.



  • _Boisvert (by _xreamy_)
  • ÆTHER Experiments (by Aeon)
  • White Stag Education (by After10 Productions)
  • Analog Archives/Channel 7 (by Aidan Chick)
  • Eventide Media Center (by Aidan Chick)
  • CORNERFOLK (by Alex Casanas/Mister Manticore)
  • The Monument Mythos (by Alex Casanas/Mister Manticore)
  • The Mandela Catalogue (by Alex Kister)
  • Jumbo's Wonderland Archive (by Angry Kid)
  • Harmony & Horror (by Battington)
  • Nephthys Media (by Black Drag0nfish)
  • The Suitmation Trials (by DaBitchy)
  • Vita Carnis (by Darian Quiloy)
  • Basswood County (by Dark Mind)
  • The Boiled One Phenomenon (by Doctor Nowhere/Silas Orion)
  • The Organate Enterprise (by Doctor Nowhere/Silas Orion)
  • THE FNAFROOMS (by ez2b)
  • BLUE_CHANNEL_THALASIN (by Gooseworx)
  • Super Mario 64: CLASSIFIED (by Greenio)
  • Somnium DreamViewer (by Holly Fernwright)
  • The Backrooms series (by Kane Pixels)
  • Local 58 TV (by Kris Staub)
  • Bite Sized Nightmares (by Kyle Edward Ball)
  • TMK/Too Much Kirby (by Maple Riot)
  • The Walten Files (by Martin Walls)
  • Gilbert Garfield And Friends (by Maxime Simonet)
  • Agamemnon Counterpart (by Micheal Robinson)
  • Final Data (by Michael Williams)
  • Midwest Angelica (by MidwestAngelica)
  • Dreams of an Insomniac (by Pastra)
  • The SMILE Tapes (by patorikku)
  • Gemini Home Entertainment (by Remy Abode)
  • Rockwell Forest (by Rockwell Forest)
  • Happy Star's Guide to Object Shows (by Sacristuff)
  • Batman Analog Horror (by Siltrics)
  • Sneaky Snack Bar (by Stuffy Studios)
  • Needlem0use (by ShutUpJojo)
  • Chimpy Chippa's (by Springlock)
  • Broadside Beach (by Squeaks D'corgeh)
  • Southern Hospitality (by Squeaks D'corgeh)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Analog Horror Series (by Squimpus Mcgrimpus)
  • The Macabre Experiment (by Stuffy Studios)
  • WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK (by Tape_W0rm)
  • Petscop (by Tony Domenico)
  • ECKVA (by Troy Wagner)
  • Marble Hornets (by Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage)
  • Tryred Archives (by TRYRED WITNESS ARCHIVES)
  • CH/SS (by Turkey Lenin III)
  • The Man in The Suit (by Unknowingly)
  • Vibingleaf Retake Series (by Vibingleaf)
  • Kraina Grzybów TV (by Wiktor Stribog)
  • EAS Scenarios (not by any specific creators, but the genre and videos often include major elements of Analog Horror such as grainy footage, an impending threat, and of course an emergency alert)


  • The Blair Witch Project (1999) (by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, possibly the most earliest known example of Analog Horror)
  • Skinamarink (2022) (by Kyle Edward Ball)

Video Games[]

  • Manhunt (2003)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (2014-2024)
  • Andy's Apple Farm (2021)
  • Maple County (2021)
  • Shipwrecked 64 (2022-2024)
  • Valle Verde (2022)
  • Mandela Invasion (2022)
  • Assessment Examination (2022)
  • Amanda the Adventurer (2022-2023)


While not music-based, there is an amount of songs and artists that can fit into the analog horror aesthetic. They usually include alternative-type songs with a darker beat. Songs from the early 1900s are also used as they can be nostalgic and unsettling.


  • Lil Soda Boi
  • Lemon Demon
  • Jack Stauber's Micropop
  • Tally Hall
  • Boards Of Canada
  • The Caretaker


  • "The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet" (Artist Unknown)
  • It's Just a Burning Memory (The Caretaker)/Heartaches (Al Hoffman)
  • The Streets of Cairo (Sol Bloom & James Thornton)