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American Tourist Traps are some common sites and locations in the United States, specifically in major cities that would draw in tourists, such as Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, and Nashville. This also includes Niagara Falls, Canada, which is right next to the United States but technically not in it. While these cities all have local culture that tourists would look for, certain sections of the city would have sites that are common throughout the nation. These would be chain restaurants, certain sites, and street performers and salesmen.

Tourist traps have a bad reputation. Both locals and tourists who are more oriented to authenticity would generally stay away from the area and judge people who do go to these places.


  • Restaurants
    • The Rainforest Café
    • Bubba Gump
    • The Cheesecake Factory
    • The Hard Rock Café
    • Margaritaville
    • Low-quality independent restaurants with waiters/hosts pressuring tourists into the restaurant
  • Street Performers
    • Living statues, which are performers typically painted gold, silver, or bronze and stand still for long periods of time and move robotically
    • People dressed as recognizable characters such as Elmo or Mickey Mouse
    • Musicians playing violin or guitar
  • Penny-pressing machines
  • Miniature golf courses