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Because we are a wiki for aesthetics, the history of the American Revolution will not be explored in-depth.

The American Revolutionary War and its preludes is a period of history from 1765-1783 in the Thirteen Colonies that established the nation of the United States of America by overthrowing the British Crown.

Because of its importance in American history, the period has been extensively studied, romanticized, and canonized, with the Founding Fathers and the ideals expressed during the Enlightenment being looked to as the ideals of the nation.


The visuals associated with the American Revolution are based on the material culture of 18th century colonial America. Some of them are uniforms, flags, and more.



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The view that the Founding Fathers are infallible beacons of justice and wisdom is inaccurate, as it is ignorant of the socio-economic motivations of these politicians.