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American Pioneers refer to the white American settlers that colonized the land from the Midwest to the West Coast in the 19th century. It is motivated by Manifest Destiny, a concept within American society that claims that God has ordered the American people to make the nation occupied from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The visual tropes associated with the Oregon Trail are distinctive and familiar with American and rose from the travel equipment and landscape along the route. Much of the allure of this is the ruggedness and self-sufficiency of the people contrasting the wild, untamed nature of their surroundings.

The hardships that the people who traveled along the Oregon Trail is often a point of fascination and shock value. Often, the Donner Party, which was a group of families that had to resort to cannibalism in the wintertime, has been used as a point of horror and portrayal of the extremes that humans could go to when they are desperate.




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Video Games

  • The Oregon Trail (1971 and 1978)

Role in American Education