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Alien is an otherworldly trend. It is inspired by extraterrestrial life forms signifying a new rebellious attitude towards quintessential beauty norms.


Many Alien visuals can be centered around sci-fi cartoons, neon lights, and blacklight art that generally has a heavy alien/sci-fi vibe to it. Some common colors used in this aesthetic would be variations of purple, cyan, green, dark blue, and black. There can also be underlying themes of loneliness and isolation (feeling alien to society) in many Alien aesthetic images.

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Alien fashion can draw a lot of inspiration from Raver fashion or Holosexual fashion cues, with some minor notes of Vaporwave, Synthwave, and/or Glowwave fashion mixed in. This truly gives an out-of-this-world fashion aesthetic for adherents to the Alien subculture. Inspiration can also be taken from Uchuu Kei, a subculture of Fairy Kei.


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