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An Ah Beng (阿明) or Ah Lian (阿莲) are Chinese-language pejorative terms applied to describe an antisocial lower-class youth in Singapore who displays common characteristics such as having dyed hair, wearing loud fashion, playing loud music in public and being less educated.


A stereotypical Ah Beng would be someone who is not highly educated, is loud and unsophisticated, and operates within secret societies and street gangs. Ah Lians, on the other hand, are regarded as bimbos, and are stereotyped as anti-intellectual, superficial, materialistic, and shallow.


  • High waist booty shorts
  • FBT shorts
  • Tight low cut, 3/4 sleeve tops
  • Spaghetti strap tops, usually white
  • Slippers
  • Camera bags
  • Rebonded hair with thick fringes
  • Circle lenses and makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger
  • Gelish nails.




  • S11 (2006)
  • Ah Beng: Mission Impossible (2014)