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Aetherpunk or Arcanepunk is probably one of the most diverse punk genres. High fantasy magic creates technology more befitting of a sci-fi world, from magical sky-ships to magical powered weapons. Architecture has guiled gold, enchanted lighting, stained glass art, and ancient pagan imagery; Think Asgard from the Marvel Franchise. But, most importantly, it is a rather new genre that is similar to Solarpunk as the 'Punk' doesn't come from its dystopian social exploration nature but instead its utopian social elevation nature that looks to help people who are suffering and bring a world that is inherently good. Utopian fiction can still have negative themes, such as Adventure Time's Lich, which acts as the antagonist and is usually in the form of a Dark Lord like Lord of the Rings.


The exact color of the so-called aether may vary between examples. In the Kaladesh Plane from Magic the Gathering, the aether has a distinct neon blue, similar to Arcane's upper-class utopian city Piltover. The Undercity, on the other hand, has a green tinge or as another wiki editor described it "Green everywhere, just green things everywhere." This darker, undercity variety can also be seen in video games like Bioshock. Depending on the universe, aether may be a naturally occurring phenomenon or a scientifically harnessed one, and colors are often used to differentiate this attitude. This juxtaposition can often be used as a key story element for aetherpunk worlds. Conflict can arise between those who are in tune with natural aether, those who harness and exploit aether, and all the questions about who is able and allowed to access this fundamental, world changing resource gives rise to rebellious factions with a variety of motivations. It also commonly uses stone and gold for most structures with the emphasis being on the gold as well as large amounts of pagan imagery.


Aetherpunk draws its fashion from the same Origin as steampunk, Victorian-style clothing, such as suits, waistcoats, top hats and long dresses. lace, leather and brass are common materials. These clothes may be accessorized with all manner of magically infused devices.



  • The Aeronaut's Windlass
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hobbit
  • Artemis Fowl

Anime, Manga, and Light Novels[]

  • Log Horizon
  • Fairy Tail


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