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Our wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia of online and offline aesthetics! We are a community dedicated to the identification, observation, and documentation of visual schemata. Please read the rules below and check out our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions. Enjoy your stay!
  1. Articles must have a minimum of 100 words, may not be a created aesthetic (unless it has a wide following), and should display a reasonable amount of quality. Failure to follow this rule may result in a page deletion.
  2. Vandalism will result in a permaban.
  3. Be respectful to others.
New Page Standards

We are slimming down the List of Aesthetics page to only include pages that meet our standards for new pages. We hope this will lead to a more reputable site and a better browsing experience.

Some guidelines

New pages

Please read the policies for what pages are allowed and Allowed Pages before creating a new page, and check the FAQ if you are unsure about any process, rule, or procedure. If you are still unsure, contact a member of the staff for verification.

If you want to make a new page on an aesthetic, please check that it doesn't already exist by searching key terms in the search bar or checking the List of Aesthetics.

If you create a page as a placeholder or a work-in-progress, you will have one week to fully make the page or it will be deleted; excessive, newly created blank pages are confusing to newcomers, so ensure you have a draft typed out first or at least a 100+ word description before creating a page.

  • If you want a longer amount of time to work on your page or don't want criticism until it's finished, begin your page on your user profile under the About section. This allows you to work on your page undisturbed and at your own pace, and helps us maintain our documentation system. You may present the finished product to a staff member for approval into a full page.


We do not allow for writing copy and pasted from other resources such as from Wikipedia, journalism, etc. Using A.I., such as ChatGPT is also not allowed. All works on the wiki should be from unique and new writing, with the exception of quotes with citations.

The reason for the AI ban is that AI fundamentally lacks knowledge on the topic. Unlike a human, AI compiles information regardless of accuracy, rather than understanding and knowing what to say based on actual eye for description, aesthetics, cultural knowledge, etc.

The use of AI for images is also banned.

Disallowed page subjects

Do not add pages for individual K-Pop idols, groups, or similar individual media unless you can prove that they have had significant cultural influence that resulted in multiple other works taking influence (not including parodies).

  • If a particular piece of media (e.g. a K-Pop video) is a good example of an aesthetic, you can cite the media on the aesthetic's page. This goes for all forms of media.

Do not add an aesthetic centered around pre-existing media. Pre-existing media includes TV shows, movies, books, and video games. Pre-existing media has elements of different aesthetics, so it’s useless to add a completely new aesthetic that is already too similar.

  • Examples include Warriorcatscore and Harrypottercore. They already have elements similar to pre-existing aesthetics.

Connections that aesthetics have to the LGBT+ community should absolutely be mentioned; this is a vital part of the context. However, do not base individual aesthetics on entire sexualities. (e.g. do say that Cottagecore has a large lesbian fanbase, but do not create an aesthetic called "Lesbianism")

Personalized Aesthetics

If you have a personal aesthetic you have developed for yourself, and it doesn't really have a large community surrounding it, please refrain from making a page for it on here: instead, go over to our sister site, Personal Aesthetics Wiki, to make a page for it there.

Page names

If you are naming an aesthetic, don't feel pressured to add a suffix; it's largely unnecessary. For example, Hellenic is a better title than Helleniccore, Hellenicwave, or Hellenic Academia.

  • Please don't add a space between the core suffix and the actual word. It's confusing, doesn't look right, and is grammatically incorrect.

Industry Plant aesthetics

It feels odd to have to address this, but if there are aesthetics that seem to be cropping up out of thin air by being "reported on" by more mainstream outlets but don't seem to have much of, if any, form of a community, we will not be recognizing these sorts of aesthetics as it just seems like an attempt to force an aesthetic onto the public at large. There's a reason we're referring to these as "industry plants", after all.

Joke Aesthetics

While we used to allow for more jokey aesthetics to show more of a sense of humor for our community, we have since had a new Wiki launched that will focus solely on joke aesthetics so as to keep this more of a legitimate source: the Joke Aesthetics Wiki.

Editing pages

Aesthetics pages

If you think info on a particular page needs work, feel free to provide your expertise to help make these pages of the highest quality. This means researched, citable, and/or legitimate first hand experience with a community.

  • If you need technical assistance, you can reach out on the official Aesthetics Wiki Discord for help (link above).
  • If you need pointers on where to contribute, make sure to check out the Needs Work category.
  • If you feel the information on a particular page is inaccurate, please get in contact with one of the Admins or Mods and state your case and if you successfully plead your case, we'll give you the go-ahead to start fixing a page.
  • Deleting over 1000 bytes of information without consulting the staff is vandalism. It is inconsiderate to the contributors and causes confusion with the new edits.

Category pages

Do not create new category pages, this confuses new comers searching for certain pages and messes up our documentation system. You may use the categories already present, but do not create ones for specific aesthetics, images, or concepts. If you think a category should be added, talk to a staff member first.

  • The first time you're caught doing this, it'll be a two-week-block. Second time, it'll be a two-month-block. Third time, you're banned for good.

List of aesthetics page

If an aesthetic page is added and kept, feel free to update the list of aesthetics to include it. However, do not add a new aesthetic until it is approved by a staff member. If the list included deleted pages (they're highlighted in red), feel free to remove them but do not remake them. Any other change to the list and the page will be considered vandalism.


When adding files onto the site (such as a picture); make sure the file name is not already being used on the site. It creates a problem when you save over a file that's already being used on another page and, while we can revert it, it might confuse people why an image that doesn't seem to fit with the aesthetic appears on the page for it.


If you're caught either trying to evade your block or if you're caught vandalizing by posting bigoted content on the Wiki, you will be permanently banned, no second chances.

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