A piece of Vaporwave imagery.


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What's an aesthetic in internet terms?

An aesthetic, as a noun in the internet sense - not in the philosophical sense - is a visual-led theme reflected consistently and often memetically throughout a given subculture. When describing a group's aesthetic, you might first jump to the visuals reflected in their art, social media posts and fashion, and note repeated imagery and colour palettes. But you can always go deeper still - almost every distinct aesthetic is underpinned by its very own attitude to modern life. Do you want to go and live on a farm, escaping technology and embracing Cottagecore? Are you so desperate for some human connection that Lovecore is a welcome simulation of a perfect Valentine's Day?

Aesthetics can be reflected musically as well as visually - some aesthetic subcultures, such as Vaporwave, have thriving genres of their own.

What counts as an aesthetic on Aesthetics Wiki?

  • Any size of subculture on or offline with specific shared visual, musical and fashion tastes
  • Art movements pre-Internet that had an influence in spheres outside of fine art, such as Art Nouveau

What doesn't count as an aesthetic?

  • Something you've literally just made up - you must have photographic or musical evidence, no matter how little, of the specific aesthetic existing to make a page. If the subculture you've identified doesn't have a name yet then you get to invent it!

What's the point of Aesthetics Wiki?

Subcultures can tell us so much about modern society! But in the age of social media, it's hard to catalogue exactly what these are or how they develop. Our goal is to document the history, growth and visual style of these aesthetics as an invaluable resource for those who are interested. Your experiences with these subcultures are invaluable - every visitor to this site will bring something new.

How can I find my own aesthetic?

A mod here is currently working on a BIG online quiz. You can also comment on the List of Aesthetics page with a rundown of what you find appealing, and someone will come and help you put a name to it. If you attach a Pinterest board or similar, the answer will be more accurate. Our new Discord Server has a specific channel where someone can help you as well.

NOTE: Aesthetics Wiki is an educational tool. Any aesthetics listed on here are strictly here for documentation purposes. We do not necessarily promote the adoption of any given aesthetic featured. Disclaimers are given on pages of a sensitive nature, but please use your own discretion in addition to this.'

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