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Welcome to Aesthetics Wiki, a place to catalog and describe different visual cultures and musical microgenres of the internet and how you can make your own art to fit in with these cultures or even buy fashion to show solidarity. This wiki arose as a substitute for the Aesthetic Wiki, which is currently abandoned and hard to navigate, and we hope this can become the new home of Aesthetic documentation, especially with the selling off of Tumblr to WordPress from Verizon for roughly $3 million when it was initially bought out by Yahoo for $1.1 BILLION where it's no doubt gonna get gutted for parts.

If there is a particular aesthetic that interests you and there isn't a page for it you can see, feel free to check out the List of Aesthetics and if you find it on the list, give us a hand, become an Aestheticologist, and create the page for us. If you don't see it on the List of Aesthetics, feel free to add it to the list and repeat the prior step. If there is a page for it, but you have more information to offer than what the page has; give us a hand and bestow upon us your knowledge. Together, we can make this the definitive home for Aesthetic knowledge and hub of all aesthetics: no matter if it's written, musical, visual, fashion-based, American, Mexican, Japanese, Canadian, Italian, German, French, Russian, African, mainstream, underground, active, defunct, whatever. Who knows? Maybe you will become inspired by these entries to create your own unique aesthetic.

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