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New Page Criteria

We're slimming down the 'List of Aesthetics' page to only include pages that fit the criteria here: Creating an Ideal Page. Hopefully this will lead to a more reputable site and a better browsing experience. Your page will still stay up and in its other categories - if you'd like it to be featured, please make sure it fits the new criteria.

Some Guidelines

  • If you want to make a new page on an aesthetic, CHECK THAT IT DOES NOT ALREADY EXIST.
    • If you are naming an aesthetic, don't feel pressured to add a suffix; it's largely unnecessary.
    • If you create a page as a placeholder, you have one week to fully make the page or it will be deleted; too many new/blank pages are confusing to newcomers, so ensure you have a draft typed out first.
  • You may NOT add pages for individual K-Pop idols, groups, or similar individual media unless you can prove that they have had significant cultural influence.
    • If a particular piece of media (e.g. a K-Pop video) is a good example of an aesthetic, you can cite the media on the aesthetic's page. This goes for all forms of media.
  • Connections that aesthetics have to the LGBT+ community should absolutely be mentioned; this is a vital part of context.
    • BUT, please do not base individual aesthetics on entire sexualities. (e.g. DO say that Cottagecore has a large lesbian fanbase, but DO NOT create an aesthetic called "Lesbianism")
  • If you think info on a particular page needs work, feel free to provide your expertise to help make these pages of the highest quality.
    • If you need technical assistance, you can reach out on the official Aesthetics Wiki Discord for help (link above).
    • If you need pointers on where to contribute, make sure to check out the Needs Work category.
  • If you feel information on a particular page is inaccurate, please get in contact with one of the Admins or Mods and state your case and if you successfully plead your case, we'll give you the go-ahead to start fixing a page.
    • Failing to do so will be considered vandalism: first time you're caught doing this, it'll be a one week block. Second time, it'll be a one month block. Third time, you're banned for good.
    • If you edit a Category page: first time you're caught doing this, it'll be a two week block. Second time, it'll be a two month block. Third time, you're banned for good.
    • If you're caught either trying to evade your block or if you're caught vandalizing by posting bigoted content on the Wiki; you get permanently banned, no second chances.

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