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The word "aesthetic" originated as the philosophical discussion about what beauty is, how we should approach it, and why it exists. Later, the academic field of art history used aesthetic to refer to a set of principles motivating artists and certain periods of art history. However, Millennials and Generation Z started using that term as an adjective that describes what they personally consider beautiful. For example: "After Denise finished watching The Virgin Suicides, she said, 'Wow. That was so aesthetic.'"

Aesthetics have now come to mean a collection of images, colors, objects, music, and writings that creates a specific emotion, purpose, and community. It is largely dependent on personal taste, cultural background, and exposure to different pieces of media. This definition is not official and can be debated. There is currently no dictionary definition that captures the complexity of this phenomenon, which arose in the Internet youth.

There are many types of aesthetics, as well as different ways in how they are expressed.

Aesthetics 101: An explanation into aesthetic culture

The pages made for this section will help you to gain an understanding of the various elements that come together to create the various aesthetics you will find. Many of these pages are under construction.

  1. Colour Theory
  2. Suffix Meanings
  3. Philosophy
  4. Visuals
  5. Fashion
  6. Music
  7. Subgenres (Coming Soon)
  8. Blending: Comparable & Contrasting Aesthetics

Useful Articles Describing What (Internet) Aesthetics Are