Acid Pixie molds together elements of Biopunk, Voidpunk, and specific elements of Nu-Goth and Indie.


The acid pixie aesthetic is in many ways similar to the Indie Kid aesthetic; however, there is a natural element in the acid pixie aesthetic, and a certain unsettling, almost ethereal edge. Photos in this aesthetic have a neon overlay, but with hidden satanic implementations, such as brightly colored pentagrams, or glowing devil horns with flower crowns. Contrarily, there is a lot of black implemented into the acid pixie aesthetic, and some are a lot bolder with satanic and witchcraft innuendos.

The aesthetic is influenced by popular visual depictions of hallucinations experienced by some when using hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. Both the good, bright colors and sights, and the anxious, paranoid on the bad, (as seen with the witchcraft and satanic elements in the aesthetic.)


The acid pixie aesthetic is mixed, as one can tell from the neon and satanic elements. One may choose to wear anything, and not much is out of the aesthetic, however, popular options are:

  • Light or dark eye shadow, with contrasting lipstick.
  • White freckles.
  • Neon hair colors, or shaved heads.
  • Flower crowns or mushroom brooches.
  • Large, chunky earrings of various sorts.
  • Chokers, usually with pentagrams, or crosses.
  • Oversized, t-shirts.
  • Flannels of odd colors.
  • Neon shorts, or skirts.
  • Cargo pants.
  • Knee-high socks
  • Knee-high boots.
  • Chunky bracelets.
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