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AI Thinkpiece is a visual style associated with AI-generated images that are commonly used in thinkpiece articles. These images often serve as background visuals, aiming to add visual interest without containing essential information. The aesthetic emerged in the mid-2020s alongside the increased use of AI art tools for content creation. The aesthetic might be seen as a successor to less customized clipart or stock photos.


The AI Thinkpiece aesthetic is often quite abstract in nature, focusing on symbolic subjects like pictures of brains. There tend to be many incorrect details, and human subjects are uncommon.

Despite these quirks, the aesthetic has become popular due to its ease of production and the trend towards AI-generated content. The images generally lack specific details, contributing to their background quality.

Origins and Popularity[]

AI thinkpiece images seem to have originated in 2023 when AI image generation became much more accessible. It has many characteristics that emerged from the process of AI generation.

The images are commonly used in online articles, blogs, and thinkpieces, where they serve as decorative elements rather than conveying specific information. AI generation does not have the ability to create images specific enough to convey specific information as of 2024.

Despite its novelty, this aesthetic has already been very heavily criticized for overuse. Many people criticize the images as confusing or detracting from the articles. This is especially the case when it makes people question if the text of the articles in question are generated by AI too.

In the future, the aesthetic might become a marker of the mid-2020s, representing a time when AI-generated art was still new. Its longevity will depend on the evolution of AI technology and changes in public perception of AI-generated content.

Media Examples[]