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80 Thousand is an aesthetic that was prominent in the 2000s with media set in or about the 1980s. It contains several visual and fashion motifs from that era as a result of the 20-year nostalgia cycle prominent with many aesthetics, such as Synthwave and Vaporwave.

This style was popular with television shows, music, and fashion. The 80 Thousand aesthetic is the first wave of 80s nostalgia, primarily focused on media from the early-to-mid-1980s. The aesthetic was coined by Steve Peeps in 2023.



  • Alf's Hit Talk Show (TV Land) (2004)
  • Hogan Knows Best (VH1) (2005–2007)
  • I Love the '80s (VH1) (2002)
  • I Love the '80s 3-D (VH1) (2005)
  • Strange Love (VH1) (2005)
  • That 80s Show (FOX) (2002)
  • The Surreal Life (The WB/VH1) (2003-2023)
  • Whatever Happened to Robot Jones (Cartoon Network) (2002-2003)


  • Wonderland (Lions Gate Films) (2003)


  • Bowling for Soup
  • Fountains of Wayne
  • Gwen Stefani
  • The Bravery


  • Flashdance style revival
  • Pink, cyan, and orange
  • 80s Retro plug and play video games
  • 80s icons in reality shows
  • Early to mid 80s style fonts
  • Pop music cues from the early to mid 80s